How Mediation Works

In Mediation a neutral, third party helps those in conflict define issues, explore solutions and reach practical, workable and mutually satisfactory agreements. Mediation seeks to prevent confliscts from escalating, saving everyone involved the time and expense of going to court.

Mediation is a process which can help ALL parties involved:

Get past their anger, frustration, guilt or "desire to punish"
Clarify their underlying, bottom-line goals
See their "opponent's" feelings, viewpoints and goals
Cooperatively build a lasting, WIN/WIN voluntary solution
Create an atmosphere of on-going cooperation and efficiency

All mediations are handled promptly and confidentially.

Where & When are Mediations Held?

The mediation sessions are held in out-of court settings, such as jury rooms, conference rooms, libraries, or other public meetings rooms. Every effort is made to schedule sessions at the convenience of everyone involved.

Who are the Mediators

Mediators are community volunteers who have completed specialized training and are certified by the Administrative Director of the Courts. Mediators assist both parties in negotiating and solving their problems.

How Well it's Working...

Statistics of completed mediations have shown a consistent high "agreement" on resolution of issues. Participants report satisfaction with Early Settlement mediators and the agreements made in mediation.

People keep the agreements that they make themselves!

How much does it cost?

It's Free!!  There is no cost to schedule a mediation with our program!